Macmillan’s Deeper Integration with BlackBoard Learn

An overview Macmillan Higher Education's new deep integration with Blackboard followed by a Question & Answer period.

Macmillan Higher Education (Bedford/St. Martins, W.H. Freeman and Worth Publishers) are presenting their best-in-class deep integration of their content in the Blackboard campus architecture. Along with single sign on and gradebook sync, this new, deep integration also offers Deep Linking for all Macmillan Portal/Class content at the chapter and asset level, giving instructors ultimate flexibility and customization capability within their Blackboard system. An instructor may choose to deploy individual assets such as videos, quizzes, animations, and activities within their Blackboard course space, making that content discoverable and seamlessly embedded. Macmillan will also be demonstrating the refined GradeCenter within Blackboard and how student performance posts automatically in that GradeCenter. 

Session Outcomes

Attendees will learn more about how to use Macmillan's digital content within the Blackboard system. Additionally, attendees will receive exposure to the vast array of digital pedagogical resources Macmillan offers for course across the general education curriculum.