Open Text Initiative System (OTIS): An NRCC Collaboration to Customize English 112 Course Content

Faculty will share OTIS, a collection of digital resources that is openly added to, edited, & accessed by English 112 faculty.

Throughout the 2011-12 academic year, English faculty and the IT department at NRCC worked together to create OTIS (Open Text Initiative System), an open, electronic repository of learning resources created to better teach English 112. OTIS allows faculty to identify, share, and compile a variety of resources that are focused on 112 course objectives and content, responsive to learners’ real-life writing situations and needs, and relevant to current topics of interest and/or instructor-designated topics of study. In addition, students can easily access this customized course content. During this presentation, attendees will consider the rationale for such a system, participate in a demonstration of how it can be used, and reflect on benefits and challenges of such a teaching tool.

Session Outcomes

Attendees will be able to replicate/adapt the concept of OTIS on their own campuses as a means of delivering course content that 1) is flexible, allowing individual instructors to design courses around varying "centers," such as themes, core readings, projects, etc.; 2) allows for a multiplicity of resources; 3) takes advantage of digital delivery of information; and 4) is financially viable. Attendees will come to know both the rationale for and process of development as well as how faculty and students use OTIS.